Halloween Craft: Paper Pumpkins

This is a great fall craft for young kids and adults alike. It’s simple, allows for endless variation and is affordable. And these pumpkins are cute– line them in a windowsill, on top of a bookcase or table or even string them into a garland.

Orange construction paper or cardstock

Green construction paper or cardstock

Metal paper fasteners (like these: paper-fasteners.gif)

Paper cutter

Assembling the pumpkins is easy. First, you’ll want to cut the orange paper into one-inch wide strips using the paper cutter. For large pumpkins, leave the strips long, but for smaller pumpkins, cut the strips in half. For each pumpkin, you’ll need four strips.

Layer the four strips right on top of each other, then pierce them with one of the paper fasteners. Fan the strips out into a circle, and set aside for a moment.

To form the stem of the pumpkin, cut the green paper into a one-inch by two-inch piece. Make a crease in one end so that the stem stands upright, then pierce the smaller folded end with a second paper fastener.

Now you want to join the stem to the pumpkin– the paper fastener on the stem will be the fastener on the top of the pumpkin. Curl the strips up one by one, and pierce them onto the stem fastener. Once all of the strips are onto the top fastener, secure it. That’s it– your pumpkin should be a plump globe shape and ready to set out. If you’d like to make it a garland, simply string the pumpkins along a length of ribbon or string.


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