The Wide World Of Food Preserving

I’m in the process of making a mini-batch of tomato paste (from just 2 pounds of tomatoes! I’ll probably get 6 cubes out of it), so I thought I would troll the internet and see what everyone else is putting up this season. And I came across a lot! Check out these uber-preservers:

– Sourdough Monkey Wrangler is making Hard Apple Cider

– Winnipeg Eats is making Oven Dried Tomatoes

– Down on the Farm is making Salted Green Beans

– Among many other things, Diary of a New Old-Fashioned Gal is making Dried Apples

– Tigers & Strawberries is making Spiced Blueberry Applesauce

– Chez Pim is making Tomato Confit

– Marc over at the Eat Local Challenge is making Local Plum Jam

– Farmgirl Fare is making Green Tomato Relish

– Toast is making Breakfast Sausage with Sage & Ginger


2 thoughts on “The Wide World Of Food Preserving

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  2. hope the tomato paste making goes well.
    it’s always so much fun to create something and enjoy the benefits later..and to also know that you grew it yourself.

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