Farmer’s Market Bounty

We went to our last outdoor farmer’s market this weekend. The actual last market day is on Novemeber 3rd, but we will be out of town, so this weekend was the weekend for us to stock up– and stock up we did!


 All told, we got 15 pounds of honey, half a gallon of maple syprup, and 15 jars of pickles, jams and preserves to see us through the winter months. We’ll see if we can make it last! The Kubota pumpkin and the chestnuts are for Thanksgiving, the tomatoes are for pasta sauce and salsa, the apples for pie, and the leeks, potatoes, broccoli, lettuce, kale and shallots are for meals for the next couple of weeks. I picked up the two smaller pie pumpkins for decoration on our Thanksgiving table, and I plan to turn them into pumpkin puree after the fact. We had fun stocking up and are certainly looking forward to good eating!