Have a Heritage Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving- one of the most anticipated meals of the year. We’re having a decent-sized gathering this year- eight plus a toddler. I want to do something extra special this year, and I want to make sure this meal conforms to our values. Naturally, everything will be organic, and we’re going a step further by trying to serve as many heirloom and heritage foods as possible. Our turkey will be a heritage breed- Bourbon Red, grown and raised right here in Illinois. I’m trying to find a local producer of Berkshire pigs for our ham. I’ve got Illinois-grown chestnuts for the stuffing, as well as an heirloom Kubota pumpkin for the pumpkin pies. An interesting tidbit about the Kubota– it’s a variety originally grown by the Native Americans that once populated this region. I’m still trying to source heirloom/heritage ingredients for the remaining dishes, but so far I feel really great about how our meal is developing. Here is the “official” menu:

– Honey Riesling Bourbon Red Turkey (Caveny Farm)

– Honey Ham with Cloves (I’m trying to locate a locally-raised Berkshire ham)

– Garlic Mashed Kennebec Potatoes (Green Acres Farm) with Truffle Oil

– Wilted Black Russian Kale (Green Acres Farm) with Shallots and Balsamic Drizzle

– Fire-Roasted Georgia Jet Sweet Potatoes (Henry’s Farm)

– Illinois Chestnut Stuffing

– Egg Noodles in Home-Made Chicken Stock

– Heirloom Kubota Pumpkin Pie (Henry’s Farm)

– Cranberry Sauce (Wisconsin Cranberries)

– Ligonberry Preserves

– Norwegian Almond Cake

The lingonberry preserves and almond cake are in regard to my husband’s Norwegian heritage- it’s important to both of us to honor that at this meal. And hand-made egg noodles are in regard to my heritage- we always had them on the holiday table growing up. I’m having so much fun planning, that I can’t wait to start cooking! Stay tuned for the prep list to see how Apartment Farms puts it all together!


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