Table for Two

There’s nothing sweeter than sharing a fantastic meal with someone you love. Husband and I both enjoy cooking (and eating), and recently we shared two excellent meals together. The first evening we decided to try something new and do venison loin chops. We’ve both had venison jerky before, but we’d never tried it as an entree. So we prepared the venison very simply– we seared it well on the stovetop, then put it in the oven to finish cooking through. Then we prepared a simple red wine reduction with shallots to serve on top of it. Roasted rosemary potatoes were served on the side. It plated up beautifully and tasted extraordinary!

2007_1009foods0003.jpg          2007_1009foods0005.jpg

The second special meal we prepared with rigotoni with a classic bolognese sauce– it was so tasty, and made such a large batch that we had enough sauce for dinner, two lunches and some for the freezer. And there’s nothing better than bolognese!