Freeze It!

I spent most of the weekend at my sisters house, but I still managed to find some time Sunday afternoon to do a little preserving. I made another tray of tomato paste (using the tomatoes meant for canning– my awful half-busted electric apartment stove cannot support the weight of my water bath canner!!). I also froze some apple cider to drink and use in cooking over the winter. So the freezer is slowly getting full of good things to eat this winter. I’d like to do up some cookies and mini bread loaves for the freezer this week- perhaps one batch per evening this week? If you’re interested in freezing cider, tomato paste, pumpkin puree, etc. remember that the average ice cube tray holds two tablespoons per well, and the average muffin tin holds a half cup per well. Once frozen, pop out the “cubes” and store them in freezer bags.