Happy Halloween!

We had a nice low-key Halloween at Apartment Farm again this year. We had pumpkin ale pot roast with root veggies for dinner (cooked in the crockpot all day) and chocolate chip muffins, garlic and red pepper spiced pumpkin seeds and cinnamon sugar pastry stars for dessert. I also baked a small pumpkin pie, but it didn’t turn out right– the crust and consistency were perfect, but flavor was lacking. I used my home-made pumpkin puree, and I’m still perfecting the recipe. I’ll have another go at it before Thanksgiving, and hopefully I’ll get it right. After dinner, we carved tiny pie pumpkins together, as is our custom. We usually do larger jack-o-lanterns, but we forget to get them at our last farmer’s market, so we had to settle with the pie pumpkins we found at the supermarket last night. But they turned out cute!

I hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday!