Thanksgiving: The Shopping List

One week until the big day. Most of the shopping will be done this Saturday at the Evanston Winter Market, where we will also pick up our turkey from Caveny Farm. These are the remaining items left to purchase:

– Heritage ham (I still haven’t been able to source one grown locally. Will I have to buy one from the Whole Foods!?)

– Kale

– Bacon

– Shallots

– Bread (for stuffing)

– Celery

–  Fresh cranberries

– Riesling (for the turkey and as table wine)

– Kennebec potatoes

– Truffle Oil

– Sweet potatoes

– Slivered almonds

– Colonial-style beeswax taper candles (for table decoration)

The rest of the ingredients/items I have already purchased or I have on hand as staple pantry items. The only thing remaining after shopping is to cook it all up and eat it!

One thought on “Thanksgiving: The Shopping List

  1. So, do you have a source for a local wines?
    Here in the Dallas area there is so little available locally that it is ridiculous. I didn’t have a garden last summer so I missed out on really fresh stuff…I am at the mercy of WHole foods.

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