A Successful Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving turned out wonderfully- there was an abundance of good food and good company- what more can you ask for? Our Bourbon Red turkey was divinely delicious- I’ve never tasted anything like it. The flavor was so rich and turkey-like. Parts of it came out a bit dry, through no fault of the bird itself- we’re just not used to cooking such a small bird (ours was only 6-8 pounds) and it cooked up in a few hours time. It’s also recommended that you carve the bird before cooking because the white meat and dark meat can cook at different lengths of time. We’ll likely try that next year, as we never do the “presentation of the bird” and tableside carving anyway. (Side musing- do commercial birds even have dark meat anymore? People are really missing out on the dark meat!) All things considered, it was leaps and bounds a far greater bird than those breedless plastic wrapped messes you get at the supermarket. We’re hooked on heritage! The truffle oil is sinfully good- a little goes a long way and it really lent this smoky, deep flavor to the potatoes that was a perfect pairing. The wilted kale with bacon was a big hit, and my home made chestnut stuffing turned out perfectly, though next time I’ll be more diligent in chopping the chestnuts to a uniform mince. The test-run of the Norwegian Almond Cake failed unfortunately, so that didn’t make it onto this year’s table. It somehow turned into a soggy, scrambled egg mess, with bigs chunks of almond in it- very not good. But I’ve got another year to figure out how to do it right. So instead I made tall chocolate parfaits, which always turn out good no matter what. And the 2007 Beaujolais? A choice wine, the best we’ve had so far. Our guests must’ve like it too, since we went through three bottles! So, all in all a fantastic meal!