Christmas Craft: Paint Can Snowman Lantern

I really like paint can lanterns (yes, I know I’m a dork), and what’s cooler than a snowman sitting on your porch or in your apartment window? They’re easy to make and are quite festive. You’ll need:

1 1-gallon paint can with lid

1 quart paint can with lid

1 pint paint can with lid

white spray paint

black enamel paint

orange enamel paint

awl or large-gauge nail


3 battery-operated votive lights

Crafting the snowmen is simple:

1.) Fill each can with water and freeze until solid. Using the hammer and awl or nail, punch a ring of holes around the top and bottom of each can. Defrost water and dry cans.

2.) In a well-ventilated area, spray all the cans and lids with the white spray paint and let dry. If any of the punched holes are filled with paint, just use a toothpick to clear the hole.

3.) On the pint can, paint your snowman face with the black and orange paint.

4.) On the quart can, paint a row of buttons down the front.

5.) Put a battery-operated votive in each can, stack the cans with the largest on the bottom, and enjoy!

I recommend using the battery-operated votives instead of real candles in these lanterns because the cans will have the lids on and be stacked, causing a fire hazard and ventilation problem. You can get a 10-pack for what I think is a decently reasonable price at Plow & Hearth. You can also embellish your snowman any way you want- dress it up with a knit or felt scarf and hat, mini broom and corncob pipe. And instead of painting on the face detail and buttons, you can always hot glue buttons and a wood or paper mache carrot to the face- whatever your imagination dreams up, as always!


3 thoughts on “Christmas Craft: Paint Can Snowman Lantern

  1. I think I got the blog address right, speaking of dorks,lol. I love this idea, I had seen earlier in the year making yard lanterns putting cans on spikes. I could not figure out how to punch the holes without crushing the can, and now you have given me a way. Thank you so much!!
    By the way, you are far from a dork!

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  3. Hy, i loved this idea and i want to do it, the problem is that i can´t picture in order to make it.
    Could you please send me a picture??
    I would really apreciate it.

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