Tis the Season!

Well, it’s the weekend after Thanksgiving, so the holiday season is officially upon us! Surprisingly, most of my holiday shopping is done already- I’m making/assembling a lot of gifts this year, so it just remains to do some crafting. And the husband and I decided to put a $75 limit on gifts to each other this year. We’re really putting thought into getting each other a few things that we really need and want, rather than a bunch of stuff that’s going to sit in a corner unused after the holidays are over. We feel good about it.

We also need to design and make this year’s holiday card to get them in the mail soon (we already got our first Christmas card on Saturday!). I’m also going to make some gifts tags- perhaps some pinecone and ribbon tags. I think I’m going to do rustic brown paper wrapping with red and white kitchen twine to tie packages with, with fresh greens tucked in.

I also need to pick up a wreath form and floral wire to make a wreath this year. I may adorn it with gingerbread stars. We’re getting our tree this coming weekend, as we always pick it up the first weekend in December. We’ll be walking over to Gethsemane again this year on Saturday- it’s become our city tradition to walk the tree home. Then out with the decorations- I can’t wait to see all of our blown-glass ornaments and nutcrackers again. It will be very festive at the Apartment Farm indeed.

And then there’s the baking- spritz, shortbread, snickerdoodles, Russian tea cakes, rosettes, gingerbread and sugar cookies are all on the agenda this year. I’d also like to do a frontier town gingerbread facade, with a general store, telegraph office, church, and train depot all decorated with simple white frosting. It would be a lot of work, but I think it would be fun. I’ve never tried anything like that before, so why not? I also have a kit gingerbread house to work on this year as well. So there will be a lot of great treats to eat this season!

Happy holidays from Apartment Farm- remember to slow down and enjoy the season!