Winter Gardening: Micro Greens

You can still have greens to eat during the winter months, if you’re willing to grow them yourself. Micro greens are easy, fast and nutritious to grow in a sunny window during the winter. They make a nice small salad (add some kale or shredded cabbage, sundried tomatoes or preserved roasted red peppers, capers, diced shallots or onions and a your favorite vinegarette- yum!) or a great topping for a baked potato or mixed into scrambled eggs.

They’re very simple to grow- you just need a flat of soil (the under-bed rubbermaid totes work well, as well as enamelware roasting pans, wine crates, etc.) with good drainage. It only needs to be a few inches deep, as the root systems won’t get very large since you’ll technically be harvesting the greens at the seedling stage. Just sprinkle the seeds over the surface of your planter, sprinkle with a layer of soil and water gently. You might cover the whole affair with plastic wrap or a plastic cover to create a greenhouse effect to help your seeds sprout. To harvest your greens, wait until they’re an inch-and-a-half to two inches high, then shear off what you want with a pair of scissors. They should reach that height in a week or ten days after after they sprout. You can keep doing succession plantings throughout the winter to have a continuous supply.

Which types of seeds should you plant for micro greens though? You can really do any types of greens you like- lettuce mixes (that you can buy or create yourself) are good as you’ll get a variety. I like to do a lettuce mix with bunching onion, snow peas, and mustard greens mixed in. You could also add broccoil, other types of beans, cress, radish, bok choy, etc. Whatever you like, give it a try- you’ll be glad to have something fresh when the winter is starting to seem like it will never end!


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  1. Thanks for the idea, Amanda! I’ve looked at microgreens as a farm crop, and that didn’t seem to fit, but I kinda overlooked growing some for our own eating. I’m surrounded by everything I need, so of course, I’ll do it!

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