Baking with Honey

Mmm honey. It’s golden color and rich flavor are enticing- much more interesting and flavorful than plain refined sugar. And heathier too. I’ve been drinking honey in my tea for nearly a year now, and I won’t go back to sugar. It’s just as easy to make your baked goods with honey. You’ll benefit from a more developed flavor and the health benefits by doing so. Honey is an antioxident as well as antiseptic, and contains many vitamins and minerals.

The National Honey Board has a useful recipes section, and here are a few of my favorite recipes from their site:

Pumpkin Honey Bread

Applesauce Cake

Whole Wheat Pie Crust

A favorite cookbook of mine, “Garden Way Publishing’s Bread Book: A Baker’s Almanac” by Ellen Foscue Johnson is full of recipes where honey is the sweetener, including such standbys as Sourdough Bagels, Swedish Caraway Bread, and Batter Brown Bread. I don’t believe a single recipe in the book contains refined sugar. Starting with one of the two quick breads above will be a good primer if you are new to baking with honey, but once you try it I’m sure you’ll be a convert!


5 thoughts on “Baking with Honey

  1. I’ve also been enjoying honey in my tea every morning for about a year. I put it in with 365 brand organic soymilk. It’s the best. When I don’t have it , and must use sugar …well it just is so hard to get through the 3 cups I take to wake up. I’m gonna try a honey wheat pizza crust next week. Great article and you’re blog is cool , too.

  2. Hey,

    🙂 I love baking with honey too. Right now I’m baking some banana oat muffins that are wheat free – I use Fearn’s brown rice baking mix, and a lot of people don’t even realize they’re eating wheat free muffins!

    Honey is just so much more INTERESTING tasting than plain old nasty white sugar. 🙂 And it tastes delightful, of course. And way healthier, so how can you go wrong?

    Thanks for some great ideas…

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