Apartment Farm 2008 To-Do List

I’m sure I’ll add to this list as the year progresses, but this is what I’m starting with:

 –          Make my own pancetta.

          Convert an ‘old-fashioned’ mailbox into a bread box.

          Make six months worth of soy tealight and jar candles.

          Purchase a chest freezer (finally!) and fill it with a beef quarter, a side of pork, 2 turkeys and several chickens.

          Can jams, jellies, and tomatoes.

          Purchase a meat grinder and sausage stuffer.

          Join a foraging/wild foods group.

          Learn to knit a hat (aka learn to knit something that isn’t a square or rectangle).

          Make goat’s milk soap.

          Learn homebrewing (should I start with beer or wine?)

          Perfect my chicken and beef stock recipes, and freeze in quantity.

          Master basic bread baking (sandwich loaves as well as French bread).

          Purchase a food dehydrator and make dried tomatoes, meat jerkies and fruit leathers.

          Sew a few tote bags (because you can never have too many, and also for gifts!).

          Start embroidery (I have all the supplies I need – what am I waiting for!); redwork kitchen towels (some for me, some for gifts) are on the agenda for this year.

          Make rolled beeswax candles (for the ubiquitous gift box).


3 thoughts on “Apartment Farm 2008 To-Do List

  1. Lots to do with FOOD! I just scored four (frozen) local small turkeys, 10-12 pounds: that should be interesting, roast turkey every month! Foraging sounds really interesting…

  2. I noticed the line item about making a mailbox into a bread box. Mailboxes also make awesome waste baskets.

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