Best of Good Reads – Other

As you all know, I read a lot of blogs, so it’s hard to keep up with them all sometimes. But on my last day off before my mini-vacation ends, I’m catching up on all of the goings-on. So I thought I’d share with you all some of my favorite posts from the sites I love the best.

Jane’s Apron is repurposing a Craiglist find – very cool!

Come the Revolution is spreading the word about Smart Cars – I love the Smart Car and I’m glad it’s finally here in the States! If you’re going to own a car, do it responsibly and as eco-friendly as you can.

Free Range Living is making graham crackers – DIY is great!

Homespun Living is showing off the laundry room – if I had a room like that I’d actually do the laundry, instead of encouraging husband to!

Living Small is pruning the fruit trees – reminding us that there is gardening to do, even in the winter.

Not Martha is making bacon curls – which I just think is cool.

Small Space Style is showing off open shelving in the kitchen – yes, I’m anti-cabinet!

The Cottage Nest is highlighting charming Valentine’s decor – there’s plenty of time to make some for next year!

This Vintage Chica is talking about happy things – pay special attention to the awesome faux bois lunchbags she bought on Etsy and the adorable pic of her son all spiffed up.

Tie One On is sharing free apron patterns – free is great and aprons are awesome!

Populuxe is returning to blogland – welcome back in advance!

I Ache For You is sharing a pic – I think it looks better in person 🙂