Yay for Seeds!

Well, I finally placed my seed order today! I was able to get everything I wanted except for the peas and potatoes – they were actually sold out! But in a few weeks I’ll be seed starting officially for 2008. But I plan to kick off the season tonight by starting some garlic from the few cloves remaining from what we purchased at the Dane County Winter market last November and a few leftover seeds from last year. I am so looking forward to the green of sprintime…

6 thoughts on “Yay for Seeds!

  1. Cool! I’m not sure what your apartment farming set-up is like, guess I gotta read back through the archives. On the way to your farm, do you have community gardens? Does Chicago favor them, or are they in short supply? Or do you know someone nearby with a yard they’re not really using? It just seems you’d have a great time with a bigger veggie patch!!

  2. I am excited for your growing endeavors! What are you growing this year? Also, your book list looks fun! Right now I’m reading Sandor Katz’s “the revolution will not be microwaved”. i think you’d like it!

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