And Then…

… I realized I’ve been a bad blogger lately. Dear regular readers, please forgive me. Sometimes “real” life gets in the way.

The husband is going through a job transition, so we’ve been dealing with that. But other than that, nearly a year out of college, my social life has finally found a good, happy medium, i.e I have one again. 🙂 We’ve been dining out once or twice a week, cooking proper dinners at home the rest of the time, having drinks with friends, and finally enjoying our grand city. For the longest time I’ve had this love/hate relationship with urban living (our locale in particular) but it’s finally creeped up on me – it’s home. That feels good.

In other news… don’t hate me- because I was adament I was going to do it by now, but I’m going to be honest with you guys – I haven’t started my seeds yet. Everything is ready to go, I did prep my seed flats, and plan out what I’m doing, I just didn’t actually stick the seeds in the soil. As I was prepping the flats, I way overwatered them, so I wanted to let them sit and dry out just a touch before planting so the seeds didn’t rot… and well, they sat for much longer than I anticipated. This weekend. Saturday night when I get home from work and a visit to the conservatory. I swear, because if I wait much longer I might as well not bother. Yes, I’m a bad Apartment Farmer. But better late than never right?

In other news, I am super excited because I’m FINALLY getting a sewing machine! Husband’s aunt came across a vintage 1950’s model (don’t know the particulars yet) in perfect working order with an instruction manual, that she is giving it to me for nothing (despite my offering payment – she scoffed at it; she’s so great). I’m getting it at the end of next week when they come out for a visit, and I cannot wait. I have an entire dresser full of fabric (a blue floral on white, pinstripe, red ticking, etc.), patterns (a-line skirts, summer dresses, 1950’s style dresses, tote bags), and the requisite sewing accessories that have been waiting for a whirl on a sewing machine. Granted, I’m a basic-level sewer – I’ve done clothes with the assistance of the womenfolk in my family, but never solo. I’ve got a learning curve, but I’m looking to start simple (tote bag, simple skirt) and then work my way up to the more involved dresses by the end of the summer. I’ll be sure to keep you all posted on my progress (on a regular basis, I swear).

I’ve been cooking like crazy lately – coq au vin, bolognese (which I admit, I make too much – it’s just so good), cinnamon sugar croissants (admittedly, not entirely from scratch…), pasta salad; just good, delicious food. And this past weekend, we had our very first picnic at the park by the beach. I made beef pies, pasta salad, and French potato salad, and brought along dill pickles and San Pelligrino. It was a bit chill, but the sun was shining and the weather was lovely. I can’t wait to get outside again.

Other than that, same old thing – work, reading, blogging more I promise, and enjoying every day. Stay tuned for more adventures from Apartment Farm soon!


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  1. I’m a bad reader, not keeping up on the blogworld like I should. Congrats on the sewing machine! I think once you get started, things will just fly off that baby like butter off a hot knife. There are a lot of great sewing related books out right now; Amy Butler, Amy Karol, Katie Shoup Welsh and Mary Jane Butters all have awesome books that can probably be picked up at the library. I cannot wait to hear about your sewing adventures.

    Get the seeds started yet??

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