Halloween To Do List

September 1st – despite the heat and the humidity outside (yes, we actually have the air conditioning on today) the first of September always has me looking toward fall. And what epitomizes fall in the Midwest more than Halloween? Fall is my favorite season and Halloween is my favorite holiday, so I like to go all out. And going all out in my house means crafting. I’ve got five-six weeks to pull things together (since I like to decorate a few weeks early). Here’s the to-do list for this year:


– Carve two Funkins in classic jack-o-lantern faces.


– Purchase a fake owl and two crows to perch on the bookcases.


– Make black mice cutouts out of cardstock to run along the baseboards (a trio I think).


– Make a set of miniature popsicle stick scarecrows to stick into mini hay bales (which I’ll need to purchase).


– Make some tin can jack-o-lanterns.


– Make a handkerchief ghost garland (twenty ghosts strung on twine) – not sure where I’ll put it yet.


– Gather colored leaves to string up in the windows.


– Make tombstone magnets for the refrigerator.


– Assemble some “blood” candles (red-tinted corn syrup in a glass votive holder, with another votive holder nested inside it). I may or may not add plastic insects crawling on them.


– Glitter some fake mini pumpkins with orange glitter.


I’ve also got to get some apples for eating and pumpkins that will end up in pie, as well as apple cider to make apple cider doughnuts. Fall is the season of coffee cakes and pumpkin bread, mulled cider and wine and crockpot stews. I’m looking forward to it.


2 thoughts on “Halloween To Do List

  1. Sounds like you’re a very organized person. Wish I could say the same about myself. We do a big walk through haunted house every year so my to do list is a mile long. If you want to step up your Halloween decorations a little go to my web site and check out the links page. I have several great site links that are packed full of DIY projects.

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