Rain Rain Go Away

We didn’t let the rain bother us one bit during our Wisconsin trip, but we did end up cancelling our trip out to Indiana Dunes this weekend because of it. Since Friday morning, there has been an onslaught of torrential rains. I can’t remember the last time we’ve had days of constant rain. Even though we’re not camping, we’re still managing to salvage the weekend.


Saturday morning we walked over to the market at True Nature Foods, but didn’t end up buying anything because only three vendors showed up and no one had what we were looking for. So we bought a few staples at True Nature (carrots, onions, chicken stock, pasta and fire-roasted canned tomatoes). Soup fixings, should the mood strike us. Last night we dressed up and had dinner at Indie (our favorite Thai-Japanese spot) and then went out to a movie.


Today we had planned to go out and run errands (we need to get a antique/honey pine stain to refinish some of our bookcases) but today the wind has kicked up and it’s cold – the rain is just flying from up from all directions. So we’ve decided to stay home instead. I made pumpkin spice muffins and tea for brunch this morning. Then I tidied up the house a bit, and now we’re both relaxing. We’ll likely have leftovers for lunch and the plan is to make barbecued chicken for dinner – if the wind calms down a bit we can still grill out under the overhang downstairs in the parking lot even if it does still rain. Which it looks like it will. So maybe we’ll be making our barbecued chicken in the oven. And I’ll make potato salad to go with it as well.


We both have Monday off, so hopefully the weather won’t be so bad so we can run our errands and start on the bookcases. But only time will tell on that one. But I suppose the rain isn’t so bad anyway – it’s good for soups and hot tea and books by the window and board games. And we still get to spend it all together, so that makes me happy enough.