To Live The Good Life

People have been living it, asking the question “what does it mean” and dreaming about since time immemorial. But what does it mean to me?


First and foremost, living a life with people I love – my husband, my family, and a few good friends.


Exploring my life’s passions – good food, sustainable living, the pursuit of knowledge and the embrace of love.


Realizing that even when I’m doing something out of necessity (like working an office job to pay for living expenses even though it’s not related to my life’s passions) that I’m still doing and working toward something meaningful.


Enjoying good food and good drink every day. To me, cooking is an expression of love. We eat to live and the food and drink we consume should be the freshest, cleanest, best quality we can obtain, because our bodies are ourselves.


Making time to enjoy myself and relax – I love the textile arts (crocheting, knitting, sewing, embroidery and weaving), as well as crafting, cooking and devouring good books. It’s important to me to take time every day to pursue the activities I love – it’s an existence more preferable than going into a comatose state in front of the television.


Knowing that even if something is difficult, it won’t last forever and I can overcome it – especially by putting into practice everything listed above.