What Did You Dream About?

White bean stew with roasted lamb and rosemary. Buttery chardonnay. Tender pepper-crusted venison chops with roasted red potatoes. A sip of dark rum. Hazelnut gelato. Steamed mussels with a roasted tomato coulis. Scrambled eggs with fresh chives. Ham and scalloped potatoes. Bacon wrapped dates. Lightly grilled sweet peppers with fleur de sel. Molten chocolate cake with dark espresso or a sharp calvados. Prosecco with tangy, crisp apple slices. Mashed potatoes with freshly ground pepper and lots of butter. Guinness pot roast with potatoes, carrots, and onions. Sugar-dusted cider doughnuts. Freshly baked croissants. A spicy chai with honey. Duck confit with Brussels sprouts. A poached egg perched atop chipotle pulled pork and a square of sweet cornbread. A tomato-heavy Bloody Mary with a stick of celery. A soft chicken terrine with pistachios. Bratwursts with Dijon mustard and a pint of nut brown ale. The spiced wine at Chriskindlemarkt. Shortbread cookies. Spicy pumpkin muffins with hard cider. Roasted pheasant with prunes and fat lardons.


What did you dream about this week?