The Thanksgiving Table

I’ve got the menu, the shopping list and the prep work all planned out, so now I can think about setting the table. Last year I did a table with a very organic feeling – a white cloth with gourds and milk glass. While I’ll keep the milk glass serving pieces and use my Blue Willow china table service, I’d like to do a table that’s a little more elegant and richer in color this year.


I’m going to set the table with a burgundy-colored damask tablecloth with matching napkins, and use the silver candlesticks from our wedding, with mid-height beeswax taper candles. I don’t typically like to do formal floral arrangements on dinner tables, but I do like centerpieces. I have a dozen glittered faux gourds (half in light orange and half in a dark reddish-orange) that I’ll arrange down the center of the table. I also have two small whittled wood Pilgrims and I’ll add them in between the gourds. The place settings will be my Blue Willow china.


We were supposed to have a larger group this year, but as it turns out only my mother in law and grandfather in law will be joining us. On the plus side, I don’t have to rearrange the dining table – it can stay as it is in front of the window. We have a modest dining table that seats four, but there’s never enough room to include all of the food on the table when serving it family style, so I’ll set up a buffet. The most logical spot is on the sofa table that sits behind our couch. There is plenty of room on that table for the turkey and the six side dishes I’ll be making. I think there’s enough room on the dining table for the five appetizers, but I’ll probably put those on the buffet table as well. The desserts will be arranged on a side table we have sitting in between the chair and the sofa.


All in all, I think the table will look classy and glitzy. And the food and good company – that’s what I’m looking forward to the most!