What Do I Do with All This Turkey!?

Four people + one 20 pound turkey = a copious amount of leftovers! We ate maybe a third of it, and that was still a lot. So what do we do the rest of it? Today for lunch, I made a turkey bechamel pasta that was pretty good. All I did was prepared some rigatoni, then when that was done, I created a simple roux with a few tablespoons of butter and flour. I could’ve addeded sauteed shallots or garlic for extra flavor if I wanted, but I left them out. To the roux, I added a cup of chicken stock and half a cup of soymilk plus a tablespoon of herbs de provence and some freshly ground pepper, and simmered until it thickened. I removed it from the heat, stirred in a slice of breast meat that I shredded with my hands and the pasta. Stirred to coat and ate it up! It was pretty good, and you could use any herbs you want – plain thyme or rosemary would be good as well.

If you want something a little different, there’s always turkey noodle soup, turkey quesadillas, turkey hash with salsa and poached eggs, turkey panini, turkey stir fry… you can put turkey in just about everything! And if you can’t eat it all in a day or two, just freeze it. And don’t forget to make turkey stock with the carcass!


2 thoughts on “What Do I Do with All This Turkey!?

  1. we had leftover ham..and yes I used it in pasta and then made ham salad and ham patties…stopping by to wish you and yours a great Holiday season.

  2. I know it sounds so boring, but I love having soup during the cold winter months. My favorite is a ‘hot and sour’ version of turkey soup. This adds some kick to the plain old fashioned turkey soup my mother used to make after the holiday. Today, I also try to use organic bulk herbs and spices from suppliers who are committed to organic standards.

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