Handmade Postcards: No Computers Allowed!

It’s funny for me to sit here and ask when the last time you’ve crafted without a computer when writing this on a computer, so you’ll have to forgive the irony here. But anyway, back in the good old days before we all became so connected, crafting happened. So why not step into the real world for a moment and start with something simple – postcards. They’re easy, and you don’t really need anything special.

The materials – heavy cardstock, a fine-tip Sharpie, paper trimmer (scissors and a ruler work just as well), rubber cement, and artwork – old calendar pages, photocopies of pictures, old magazine or catalog pages – you get the idea. A nice touch, if you happen to have one or want to add to your crafting collection is one of those postcard header rubber stamps. They’re neat.

Assembly is simple. Cut your cardstock into 5×7 rectangles. Cut your artwork into the same size. Affix the artwork to the cardstock using the rubber cement, and lay it in between a couple of heavy books so it dries together flat. Once it’s dry – say, 20 minutes – finish the back of the card. Using your sharpie and ruler draw a dividing line down the center of the cardstock side. If you’ve got the postcard rubber stamp, stamp it along the top. You can also draw this detail free-hand (or trace it) if you’re so inclined with the sharpie – use an old postcard for inspiration. Draw a little square in the upper right corner of the right side for the spot where the stamp should go. If you’d like, write a short caption along the bottom describing the artwork on the cover.

And there you have it – a super simple old-school craft. You can make a set of 12 in about an hour – enough to send to all of your friends or give as a gift.


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