Life at Apartment Farm

It feels good to be back. We’ve had thunderstorms all weekend, so it’s good to be indoors doing cozy things. I’ve been cooking like crazy lately – mushroom pasta (recipe for that coming soon -it’s tasty!), soups, stir frys, steaks, brunch things… it feels so good to come home from a long day sitting at a desk and just mince and chop and stir and taste. There is something real and necessary about it that calms the spirit and makes the aches and pains of the day go away.

Crafting has been slow, mostly because the cold rainy weather makes me want to curl up with a book and read, but I have been getting into card making again recently. I made some cute glittered valentines last month, and more postcards and seed envelope cards are on my agenda soon. I just purchased a couple new sets of glitter so I’m trying to dream up a neat project to utilize those.

Seed starting is about to beging – still a little too damp and chill to get that into full swing. I’ve got two types of lettuce and two types of tomatoes that I’m going to try to do this year, and I’d like to get some red bunching onions as well. I’m also going to try growing strawberries from seed. The herbs are all looking pretty good – the basil is both sending out new shoots and flowering, so I’m going to try to transplant the new shoot before the mother plant goes to seed. The rosemary and the parsley are sending out new growth like crazy, and the bay tree has some new spring buds starting to form.

The big question for today, however, is what to make for dinner. Perhaps scalloped potatoes with turkey ham and steamed broccoli, or balsamic pork chops, or a vegetable soup…


3 thoughts on “Life at Apartment Farm

  1. Strawberries are slow to germinate, at least those woodland strawberries I sow every year. I was beginning to wondering if I’d killed off my seeds by keeping them too moist untill I realised that most in the nursery were strawberries. Arm yourself with patience for some weeks and it’ll turn out allright.

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