Create a Postcard Recipe Book

Another great way to recycle stuff you’ve got laying about the house. You can create themes based on the postcards you choose – postcards of dessert images with dessert recipes, postcards from different cities with the cities’ signature dishes, whatever you think is neat.

12 postcards

hole punch

metal o-ring

white cardstock

rubber cement

paper trimmer

1.) Print your chosen recipes onto the cardstock using a postcard template so the sizing matches up to your postcards.

2.) Using the paper trimmer, cut the recipes to postcard size.

3.) Paste the recipes onto the back of the postcards using the rubber cement. Stack them underneath a few books for a few hours so they dry flat.

4.) Punch a hole in the upper left corner of each of the cards.

5.) Assemble the cards on the metal o-ring, and you’re all set.

Makes a great gift – housewarming, in a food gift basket, stocking stuffer, off to college – whenever.


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