Garden Craft: Wine Cork Plant Tags

This is just absurdly easy, but I decided to share because I’m obsessed with repurposing wine corks. We have a vase full of them (great decorative element for the social drinkers!) which I love and looks great in our living room but it’s started to overflow. We’ve taken to hiding them in other vessels about the house and making little tchotche-like piles of them in select hiding spots because I just can’t bring myself to throw them out. They’re starting to take over. Time to re-evaluate the situation, hence plant tags.

Wine corks

Bamboo skewers

Sharpie marker in the color of your choice

Shellac-type spray

So easy. Write the name of the plant on the side of the cork. Stick a skewer in the cork (in the hole left by the corkscrew). If the skewer doesn’t want to go in, you can make the hole larger with a metal skewer or other similar device. Spray the cork with the shellac-type spray so it’s waterproof. Ta-da!


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