Halloween Craft: Sparkly Skulls & Creepy Crawlies

Yes, I admit it – I love glitter. I love glue. Put the two together and you  have an easy craft project that will lend a little sparkle to your surroundings. Last year, I glittered some faux gourds and pumpkins but this year I thought I’d do something a little spookier for Halloween.

At a dollar store I found some small plastic skulls – about two inches big, in a bag of nine. I chose three different colors of glitter from my collection – silver, green and silver/light green mix.

Glittering is easy and not all that messy if you work area is well organized. Lay out newspaper or a work cloth (I have an old red-checked plastic tablecloth) on your table. You’ll need 3-4 sheets of scrap paper, plastic pushpins, glue, a paintbrush, and glitter.

Lay out one or two sheets of scrap paper for drying the skulls. The other two sheets will be your glittering surfaces. Stick a pushpin into the bottom of the skull to act as a handhold. Don’t push it all the way in, so you can glitter the bottom as well. Using your paintbrush, brush a thin layer of glue onto the skull, being careful to get it into all of the nooks and crannies. Hold the skull over one the sheets of paper and sprinkle  some glitter over the skull – it’s easiest to start with the face. If you’re using multiple colors of glitter, start with lightest color first. Set the bottle of glitter aside. Shake the excess glitter off the skull, then hold it over the second piece of paper. Shake the glitter on the first piece of paper over the skull. Repeat until the skull is completely coated then lay it gently down to dry.

The process is the same for the spiders. I like to get the bags of spider rings. After glittering, you can leave the ring part on the spider (to push into plants or displays) or you can snip it off with scissors. Plastic bugs and snakes are a few other creepy crawlies that are good for Halloween glittering.

I’m going to display my skulls in a glass apothecary jar. You could also line them up on a windowsill or nestled into Spanish moss on a serving platter. For the spiders and bugs, you could turn them into refrigerator magnets or apply them to the windows or crawling up a wall with removable poster putty.

When the season is over, you’ll want to store your glittered stuff carefully. Wrap each piece individually in tissue paper and store them in their own box – an old shoebox or ornament box would work just fine.


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