A New Life: Wine Corks in Plant Pots

I’m always looking for new uses for wine corks – cork boards, trivets, wall art, plant tags – all great uses for excess corks. I especially like the cork plant tags, as I’m always looking for ways to recycle and reuse in the garden. So I got to thinking the other day as I was musing over my baby bay tree. It’s currently living in a lovely mid-sized red glazed pot, but it’s recently put out another shoot – basically, it’s sprouted a whole new tree from the root, so I’ll have to divide it soon into it’s own pot. And the parent bay is getting big anyway, so it’ll be time in late winter to pot it up into a substantially larger permanent home – it’s a tree, after all. But large pots take a lot of soil, and all that soil makes them heavy. And there’s always the concern of good drainage. I typically use pea gravel or pottery shards for a drainage layer in my pots, but those are heavy mediums. Maybe wine corks would do the trick… and they do! Tumbled into a one- or two-inch layer into the bottom of a large pot, they give good drainage and are relatively light weight. And when you’ve exhausted the decorative, artsy ways to use corks, this is a great way to reuse the extras.

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