DIY Corkboard – A Wine & Beer Label Showcase

A corkboard in the kitchen is great for keeping track of recipes, coupons, shopping lists and the like. But a plain corkboard is boring, so why not dress it up a bit? Wine or beer labels are great for  papering a corkboard, and can show off your favorites.

The supplies are simple – you’ll need a small corkboard, spray adhesive (or rubber cement), clear contact paper, and of course, wine or beer bottles with labels you like. To remove the labels, all you need is a pot of boiling water.

The first step is removing the labels from the bottles. Once the water is at a boil, hold the bottle over the steam until the paper starts to loosen up. Carefully peel a corner away – if you meet resistance, hold it in the steam a bit longer. Sometimes the labels on wine bottles will come away in layers – this is fine, as long you’re gentle as you pull it away. Since the labels will be damp as you remove them, lay them out to dry. If they wrinkle up as they dry, place them under a stack of books for a little while (only once they’re completely dry) to flatten them back out.

Once you have enough labels to cover your board, assembly is easy. Spray the back of the label with spray adhesive (or coat with a thin layer of rubber cement), and position it on the board. Repeat with all of the labels until the board is completely covered. To protect your labels from spills and splatters, you’ll cover the board with a piece of clear contact paper. Cut it to size and affix it to the board, carefully smoothing it to prevent any wrinkles or air bubbles.

Add some nice thumbtacks and you’re all set! You’ve got a functional message board to keep track of everything you need in the kitchen, plus a piece of art that looks good even when there’s nothing on it.


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