Mini Fire!

 Tiny orbs of fire give warmth to the short, chilly days of autumn. You can create lovely little spheres of light by making your own miniature candles out of two charming containers you either have around the house or can pick up on the cheap at the thrift store – cordial glasses and egg cups.

The tools and process are simple. You’ll need cordial glasses or egg cups, microwavable soy wax flakes, candle putty, and either waxed, tabbed tea light or votive wicks (depending on the depth of your cups). You’ll also need a rimmed baking sheet, scrap paper, a microwavable bowl and a tablespoon. If you’d like scented or colored candles, you’ll also need candle scent and/or color tabs. The wax and supplies shouldn’t cost you more than $15.00.

First, you’ll prepare your cups by affixing the wicks. Take a small bead of candle putty and use it to attach the wick into the bottom of the cup. Set the cups on a rimmed baking sheet lined with scrap paper to contain any spills. For a dozen cups, you’ll need about two cups of wax flakes. Measure the flakes into the microwavable bowl, and heat in 30 second increments, stirring between heating, until the wax is liquefied. If you’re using candle scent or coloring, stir it in.

Working quickly, fill each cup to just below the rim using the tablespoon. Once all the cups are filled, let them sit on the tray until they are just set up, about an hour. Then move them to a cool dry spot to cure for 24 hours. Once they’re cured, you can light them.

These candles are great to give as hostess gifts, stocking stuffers or even just to make for yourself. Once the candles burn down, put in a new wick and refill them again and again.