Christmas Craft: Glittered Snowflakes

Everyone remembers making paper snowflakes in elementary school in December. You’d be sitting at your desk a week before winter vacation with a stack of white typing paper and safety scissors, cutting out an endless supply of white paper snowflakes. Each one was different and unique. When everyone had made enough, the teacher would tape them to the windows and on the sides of the blackboard, and the classroom was decorated.

Sometimes, reliving those childhood memories makes a holiday complete. Why not make some of those snowflakes and dress them up with a little glitter? And making them out of sturdy cardboard means you can use your snowflakes for years.

– White cardboard or heavy poster board

– Scrap paper

– Pencil

– Scissors

– X-Acto knife

– White glue

– Paintbrush

– White glitter

Making sturdier snowflakes is a two-part process. Take a piece of scrap paper, and fold it six or eight times. Using the scissors, cut designs in the paper to make your snowflake shape. Unfold it and flatten it out. This will be you template. Place your snowflake template onto the cardboard and trace around it with the pencil. Also trace around the interior openings. Use the scissors to cut around the exterior of the snowflake. Then use the X-Acto knife to cut out the interior shapes.

Once you have your cardboard snowflakes, glittering them is simple. Coat one side in white glue, then hold it over a sheet of scrap paper and shake glitter onto it until the first side is completely coated, then set it aside to dry. After an hour or so when the first side is completely dry, glitter the second side.

You can make large snowflakes to hang in the windows from finishing line, or small ones to attach to gifts with ribbon. You can even make a snowflake “chandelier” in the same way you can make a pine cone one – Hang a wire wreath form (or even a pine wreath, depending upon the look you’re going for) from a light fixture or above a table with a little wire (a small hook in the ceiling will support the minimal weight). Then hang the snowflakes from the form with fishing line at various heights.