A Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!

There is a light snow falling outside, and the sounds of the city are muffled by the cold. It’s the perfect kind of day to curl up with a hot cup of tea in your favorite armchair. We had a very Merry Christmas at Apartment Farm this year. We scaled back our celebrations as a family, but had a fabulous time nonetheless. Christmas Eve was the extended family gathering, and while we nixed the adult gift exchange this year, that didn’t diminish the party at all – I think we actually found that it was better without all of the superfluous gift giving. The focus this year was more on good food and good conversation, which is really what the holidays are all about anyway.

We did have some gift giving this year. I made tomato gift baskets for a few people – a jar of home made green tomato pickles with a jar of chardonnay-marinated tomatoes in a small basket. I got my sister the boxed set of Mastering the Art of French Cooking – a cookbook set everyone should own (and she asked for, of course). We got a Le Creuset salt cellar and new cutting boards for my brother in law, and my parents in law got books from us.

I got my husband some dork-o-rific things he wanted – a gamer book, the Mallrats tenth anniversary DVD, paintbrushes, etc. He got me a Chicago Cutlery magnetic knife strip I’ve been coveting for the longest time (no more space-eating knife block!), an awesome trivia game called Foodie Fight, and an Oxo icing knife and veggie scrubber – and that’s just the food-related stuff. My mother in law got me a stove-top smoker, which I’m very excited about – applewood smoked bacon and smoked salmon are definitely in my future!

Other than a nice parade of gifts, husband and I had a wonderful Christmas dinner at home. I made Norwegian meatballs will dill gravy, mashed potatoes, home made bread stuffing and cranberry sauce, with a cinnamon-cardamom snaps toast and plenty of glogg to go around. We even had snow this year!

All in all Christmas was low key and quiet, and that worked out perfectly. We’re looking forward to another three day weekend over New Year’s – a dinner and movie date on New Year’s Eve, then three days of relaxing at home, which sounds like the perfect way to kick off the New Year. I hope everyone had an equally as good holiday season, and best wishes to everyone for a great New Year!


4 thoughts on “A Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!

  1. Sounds great! Don’t suppose you’d share a recipe/guidance for those meatballs…and the chardonnay marinated tomatoes which sound pretty neat?

    Many happy returns 🙂

    • Hahaha I couldn’t find my meatball recipe – I think I’m mentioned several times and never put it up; what a tease! I’ll work on writing it up this afternoon.

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