2010 Seed Inventory

The seed catalogs have begun their annual assault on my mailbox. And with the arrival of the catalogs, I start dreaming and planning all the things I’m going to grow over the next season. The list can get pretty out of control pretty quickly.

So before I even crack open a catalog (okay, I’ve done that already, highlighter in hand) – okay, before I place any orders, I figured I ought to take stock of the seeds I have left from seasons past.

– Chiogga Beets (from North Pond restaurant, of all places)

– Earthbound Farm Organic Heirloom Lettuce mix

– Victory Seeds Thumbelina Carrots

– Pinetree Garden Seeds Music Box Sunflowers

– Renee’s Garden Mignonette Alpine Strawberries

– Burpee True Lavender

– Burpee Lady Lavender

– Burpee Red Blush Green Onion

– Burpee German Chamomile

– Seed Savers Exchange Martino’s Roma Tomato

– Seed Savers Exchange Tennis Ball Lettuce

– Seed Savers Exchange Lollo Rossa Lettuce

– Seed Savers Exchange Silvery Fir Tree Tomato

I apparently also have some Iris bulbs. So maybe I don’t need to buy much… but I typically can’t resist these types of things. Maybe some Lacinato kale and leeks… and I can never resist buying thyme at the nursery. Now the only problem is keeping a clear head and not going crazy while placing the order!


2 thoughts on “2010 Seed Inventory

  1. Hi! I commented a long time ago (possibly years? Jeez!). As usual, I really like your blog! I check out your new entries quite often. Please keep up the good work!!
    Way back when when I first commented, I was going to do my first farm internship in Wisconsin. Well, my husband and I are now back in the Chicago area, renting land and having our own CSA farm! Do you think you could put us under the “local food” links?
    Thanks! And please check us out sometime!! Keep writing your great posts! They are very inspiring!

  2. Hi Alison,

    I added your farm to the Best Local Foods links section. Your website and concept look great! I see you guys will be at the Logan Square farmer’s market this summer – it’s not my regular market, but it’s fairly close to my neighborhood so I’d love to swing by and meet you guys (and do a little shopping of course). You guys are living the new American Dream – congratulations!

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