Spring Has Sprung

Finally it’s warm here in Chicago. Saturday we had a nice walk around the neighborhood scouting apartments, then Sunday afternoon we enjoyed our first spring thunderstorm – complete with lightning! Better to have rain than snow.

The tomato plants are thriving in the windows, and I have yet to start the rest of the seeds. I’ve got to clean out the earthbox this week so I can get the corn in the ground. Need to get the peppers and kales into mini greenhouses this week too.

Skirt sewing class last week was great, but I do need to make some alterations before it fits perfectly. Tonight I’ll think I’ll rip some seams to get that started. Embroidery is coming back to – time to dig out my redwork sampler and finish it once and for all!

More to come I promise – spring is a busy, busy time at Apartment Farm!


2 thoughts on “Spring Has Sprung

  1. Can’t wait to follow the progress of your corn! I’ve been thinking of growing some for a couple years now but I’m reluctant to devote space in my tiny community garden plot. I’m interested to hear how you’ll grow it and what sort of container or planter you’ll use.

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