The Corn Grows!

Shock me, shock me, shock me with that deviant behavior! (Bonus points if you know which movie that’s from). The sweet corn grows! All sixteen plants have sprouted in their earthbox home, and I’ve moved them onto a bench at the foot of our bed in the bedroom, which is the last feasible place in the entire apartment that gets any kind of light at all. But they’re looking good – about four inches tall and putting out a few leaves a piece.

I didn’t even realize the poor things had sprouted until about Thursday when they were already two inches tall – I had the earthbox covered with the black nylon cover that comes with it to create a greenhouse effect for them, and then as I was walking past the television where they were sitting, I thought the cover looked weird – it was bulging out all funny. Lo and behold, sixteen little plants trying to break through to freedom.

Now, I’m obviously trying an intensive planting method here – they’re only about three inches (at the most) apart. I have two long rows with a short row down the center, so the plants are all about equidistant from one another. I need to look up the proper amount of fertilizer to use with them in the earthbox, because they’re likely going to need it. But the more I learn about gardening, container gardening especially, is that it’s okay to plant things pretty close together if you know how to take care of the plants and the soil. I’m certainly not concerned with wide rows so I can get my tractor through!

I also anticipate having to pollinate by hand since I don’t have honeybees or wind indoors, by that seems like an easy enough task. But I just wanted to let everyone know that the great container corn experiment is well on it’s way, so stay tuned for updates!


6 thoughts on “The Corn Grows!

  1. Let’s see some pictures! I’m curious what the final setup will be like: where, how big, how closely they’ll be planted, etc. How tall will the stalks get?

  2. I’ve been really bad about posting pics, but I promise to get some up next week after our camping trip. The corn stalks are only suppossed to grow to about three feet, and they’re about six inches now. They’re looking good!

  3. Oh I think I’ve found my home – I can hear Gina in Empire saying that line, and I just popped round off a google search for ‘growing in an apartment’. Hurrah!

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