Somebody Else’s Good Taste

I don’t always cook from classic cookbooks or the invention of my mind – a lot of times, I’ll come across some great recipes on the internet. Sometimes I still don’t have a clue what to do for dinner by the end of the afternoon, so I’ll go online and troll for recipes that sound good and utilize the ingredients I have on hand. Some of my favorite sites to browse are Epicurious, Simply Recipes, All Recipes and Saveur. I always print the recipe and add it to an ever-expanding binder. These are some of my favorites –

Pasta & Beans with Sausage (Epicurious)

Chicken with Proscuitto, Rosemary & White Wine (Epicurious)

Leg of Lamb with Raspberry Sauce (All Recipes)

Grilled Shrimp Cocktail (Epicurious)

Stuffed Mushrooms (Saveur)

Short Rib Beef Stew with Ale (Simply Recipes)