Autumn Snaps Tasting Notes

Alright, it’s been one week since I put the snaps to steep in the back of the pantry. I actually kind of forgot about it – I had intended to check in on it every few days. No matter – I pulled it out today, and it’s perking right along. Surprisingly, they are all very distinct in aroma and taste.

The basic spiced snaps has a good spiciness to it and a middle-brown hue, and it’s the most potent of the three. You can definitely still pick up the vodka. I’m also not sure how I feel about the dehydrated ginger I used in it – I think fresh ginger would give it more of a well, fresh flavor.

The orange spice snaps come across the most bitter – it’s pretty harsh. I’m not sure whether it will get more bitter as times goes on, or whether the bitterness will mellow. I’m going to let it go on another week or so, so we’ll find out. The orange one also has the darkest brown color of the three.

My favorite by far is the apple spice. I didn’t really think that the fresh apples would have much of an effect, but they really do. The color is the lightest and it has a fresh, intense apple flavor. Along with the spices, it’s like drinking a slice of apple pie. I think this one is our winner this year. I’m going to let them steep for another week and see where we’re at then, but I’m thinking the apple spice snaps is absolutely the way to go.