Everyone Loves Autumn!

Baking, crafting, gardening – everyone is doing something for fall!

A Cake Bakes in Brooklyn is making apple muffins.

Angry Chicken is making herbal remedies.

Film in the Fridge spent some time at an orchard.

Food in Jars has discovered reuseable canning lids.

Liquid Paper is making apple cup pies with Honeycrisp apples.

Live Craft Learn is making some Halloween papercrafts.

Not Martha is baking up some Cinnamon Swirl skull cakes.

Orangette is working with leeks.

Slim Pickin’s Pork is welcoming fall with jambalaya.

Tie One On is accepting submissions for their Apple Cider apron gallery.

Punk Domestics are putting up all sorts of good things, including pumpkin chutney.

And me? This weekend I plan to bake up some applesauce spice muffins, smoke a four pound slab of bacon and make some fall-themed cake decorating templates (I’ll post the tutorial for those in a few days). Happy Autumn everyone!