Welcoming Autumn… Some More

Last weekend was almost shockingly cold. Yes, it’s fall, but we’ve still been having seventy degree days, so low fifties was a shock to the system. But cold weather does bring nice things along with it.

For last Saturday’s breakfast I made pumpkin spice pancakes. I just improvised off of my standard pancake recipe by adding a few generous tablespoons of pumpkin puree and cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, ginger and cloves. I just used a pinch of the spices and they turned out fairly tasty. I think next time I’ll increase the amount of spices though for even more flavor. I served it with maple syrup which was good, but I think it would also be good with apples – maybe a little thinned apple butter or stewed spiced apples with the sauce thickened slightly. With tea and coffee it was a nice hearty breakfast to enjoy in the golden sunlight and crisp air on the back deck (before the temperature dropped). And you can bet we’re spending every last moment we can outside this fall.

I also decorated the house for autumn last weekend. I have an ever-growing collection of glittered gourds that I arranged about the house – a trio of orange pumpkins on a milk glass plate in front hall, a tableau of orange and red-orange gourds with mini hay bales on a stoneware platter in the living room and larger pumpkins in the kitchen. I also have some green and silver glittered skulls which I arranged on milk glass saucers inside of a windowsill greenhouse in the kitchen window. Various Halloween tchotchkes found their home around the apartment as well – two mini tombstones on the bar, a folk art ghost and vampire flanking the television and a stuffed scarecrow on a bookcase. I also put up several wooden wreaths – a pumpkin one on the front door and one of leaves in the kitchen. My plants outside got a little fall festivity with handkerchief ghosts dressing up their pots. And of course, candles are an integral part of my decorating. I have a copper lantern with a jack-o-lantern face in the side as well as a ceramic pumpkin with a carved face. And I made sure all of my milk glass was outfitted with tea lights – as soon as dusk arrived (sooner than we thought it would) I lit all the candles and we enjoyed their warm, golden glow.

I did a little fall-themed crafting as well. I took three ears of colorful Indian corn and wired them together with a little copper wire. As soon as I can dig out the wreath door hanger, I’ll have them on the back door to the deck. And I finally glittered my rats! Last year I bought a package of five plastic rats at a dollar store, so I covered them in black glitter. They’re tucked into unassuming spots around the apartment, waiting to startle and frighten whomever might happen upon them (most likely my mother in law 🙂 ).


2 thoughts on “Welcoming Autumn… Some More

  1. While this is not exactly a fall recipe, the taste is very similar to yours but different enough to warrant at least one try.
    Instead of pumpkin pie spice, crush some cardommon pods (remove the tough outer husk) and crush the actual seeds a bit more and add to the batter. The extra special touch is the saffron. Stuff is expensive and potent, so a bare 1/4 tsp. is plenty. Make sure to crush the saffron threads in a mortar and pestle before adding, else the flavor doesn’t get released as much.
    These same spices are excellent in French toast, which is where I actually used them. I call the result Persian toast 🙂

  2. I’m definiately going to give your spices a try. I love cardamom and have a jar of the full pods at home. So I just remove the green shell and then I can grind up the seed on the inside? I made some French toast yesterday from light rye bread and it was so good – I bet it would be even better with cardamom!

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