It’s Freezing!

Actually, it’s pretty nice out. We’re getting some great fall weather this year. But as far as food preserving goes, freezing was my ticket this year. I’d really wanted to can up a few dozen jars of tomatoes, but the peak season occurred right in the middle of our move. Canning is hard enough without having half your possessions in boxes so I didn’t do any. I did however, freeze a good quantity of things to tide us over the winter.

For fruits, I froze pint bags of raspberries and blueberries. For veggies, I did about twenty five pint bags of sliced green bell peppers, which are great to have on hand for stir fries and perloo. I also have a small bag of pork rind from anytime I make bacon. It’s great to save for soups and stews as it serves a similar function to the ham hock.

This weekend, I also froze some beef stock. Not home made unfortunately, but I always buy the large boxes of stock because it’s economical, though I rarely use more than a cup of beef at any one time. So instead of having to throw it out, I froze the remainder of the container into half cup portions in a muffin tin. I also used the muffin tin to freeze up portions of apple cider, which I like to have on hand for cooking with pork and putting into baked goods.

So, not the preserving frenzy of years past, but it’s something at least. Though I can’t wait to break in my new big kitchen next summer on a pantry full of canned tomatoes.