They Call It… Velvet

I’ve been thinking recently about doing a new table runner for the dining room table. We have a beautiful pine dining table and I really like the warm, simplistic look of bare wood. Table runners are also an easy, affordable way to change the look of the table, and can also be used on bookcases and sideboards. For every day use, I have a Norwegian table runner – it has a cream background with a red and green pattern of stars and hearts.

But for Thanksgiving I’d like to do something a little more elegant. I love dark linen in the autumn – it’s textural without being overdone, and it’s various shades of dark cream or even hazelnut hued fabric lend just the warmth to the table that I’m looking for. I think I’ll sew a simple runner, with triangular pointed ends. And for a touch of elegance, I’ll edge the whole thing in chocolate brown velvet. I don’t normally like velvet (I hated velvet Christmas dresses when I was a child), but just a little bit of velvet will elevate this table runner from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Now I’ve got to make a trip down to the fabric store to find the perfect fabric and ribbon. And maybe small chocolate brown tassels for the pointed ends of the runner, though I don’t want it to end up being to fussy… we’ll see what I’m able find!