Let Them Eat Gifts!

Tis the season for giving, and what better gift to give than one that’s edible? Something you craft yourself is more special than a random something chosen from an over-crowded store, and for those who have everything, you can’t go wrong with food or beverage.

Some excellent food gift items that have caught my attention recently are –

– custom blended spice or marinade mixes

gingerbread or cranberry scone dry mix

home made marshmallows with chile spiked hot chocolate

– home baked rye crackers with a bottle of wine (bonus points if you make the wine yourself)

– custom blended herbal tea mix

candy cane bark

– chocolate dipped anything

red velvet whoopee pies

– a trio of mini breads (cranberry, gingerbread and pumpkin are great)


– schnapps

peanut butter balls

– custom blended popcorn seasonings

home made oatmeal cream pies

– cocoa brownie dry mix

– orzo, couscous or rice mixes

– cornbread dry mix with custom blended chili seasoning

For recipes for some of the gifts above, you can look for the Food Gifts magazine by Better Homes & Gardens. Items in green above can be found inside, as well as a lot more and great packaging ideas. Yes, it’s $10.00 but treat it like a book and keep it on your reference shelf – you’ll come back to these ideas year after year.

And of course, if you thought ahead this past summer and fall, you might have jams, jellies, pickles and such that always make great gifts. And think about those things that everyone asks you to cook – can you turn it into a dry mix you can share? And you can never go wrong with a box of cookies, fudge, nut brittles or breads. These are often treats that nearly everyone loves, but most people won’t make for themselves – making them coveted little luxuries. And if you’re really interested in doing something unique, if you start now there’s just enough time for you to brew a batch of beer or wine in time for Christmas.

I’ve got an idea as to what I’ll be handing out this year, but my lips are sealed since this is a public forum and all – so I’ll have to catch you up after the fact on what made the cut. But rest assured, I’ll be food crafting up a storm over the next six weeks!