Gingerbread Roundup

As an homage to the season, and as a reminder to you all that I haven’t forgotten you in the hustle and bustle (Christmas in a week!!? There’s still so much to do!) I thought I’d post a little roundup of nifty gingerbread things I’ve come across recently.

How to make a gingerbread house mug garnish (so cute!)

– “Half eaten” gingerbread man ornaments (wickedly fun)

“The Gingerbread Architect” by Susan Matheson (I wish I had the patience to build some of these designs!)

Martha Stewart’s Christmas Workshop: Gingerbread (some beautiful house designs)

An awesome photo of a gingerbread streetscape at Chicks & Gluesticks

An impressive array of gingerbread stuctures at Ultimate Gingerbread

A gingerbread Tardis (for all of you Dr. Who fans out there!)

Happy Holidays!