Dreaming About Extending the Season

Well, it’s January first and greenhouses are on my mind. Husband is refurbishing my tabletop Ikea greenhouse for me by painting the wood a bright, cheery red and replacing the plexiglass in it. It will be great for the first batches of tomatoes I plan to start at the end of February. But to tide me over until then, I thought I’d see what other attractive greenhouses I could set my sights on as well.

This one is well beyond my current abilities to accomodate (the common concrete patio below our deck isn’t much larger than it’s footprint) but’s it’s just gorgeous. I just love the brick wall base.

This is a much more manageable size, but still a little large for our deck space.

This one is a good size for our deck and would be a cinch to build with cedar slats and plexiglass… but it just looks squat and bumbly.

This one is absolutely beautiful, and would be perfect in red cedar. It also doesn’t look that difficult to build (hint-hint husband) and has a certain whimsical charm to it. Though I’d probably like it a little shorter, with just three shelves instead of four. If I were to build a patio greenhouse for the next season, this one would likely be it.

And last, but not least – I love this fold down sideboard. I could easily see it doubling as a tidy little potting bench, which would be the perfect combination with the greenhouse. Situated just below our kitchen window, to the right of our back door… perhaps another piece of outdoor furniture I can convince my husband to build? Fortunately, I’ve got a few months yet to convince him. 😉

2 thoughts on “Dreaming About Extending the Season

  1. These are such cute ideas! But one of my other eco-friendly hobbies in addition to urban gardening is thrifting and this project has got thrifting written all over it!! For example, the version of the greenhouse that you liked best could easily be a refurbished existing piece of furniture (from the GoodWill store, or even just from a curb alert)…just make sure that it’s painted very conscientously in outdoor paint to protect against warping and rotting wood. Similarly, a garage sale metal shelf could be fitted with the plexiglass side panels. Using this type of resource as the basis for this project would be an inexpensive way to test out the whole deck sized greenhouse. So even if the wood does warp/rot quickly, it should last at least one growing season and would allow you to make decisions about how well the shelf height, etc. worked for you. You wouldn’t have to immediately shell out the cash for the raw lumber/plexiglass.

    • I like the thrifting that you suggest Sumiyeh! I do come across interesting things in the alleys in our neighborhood – with summer break coming up in a few months at Loyola, all kinds of worthy Ikea-like furniture gets discarded on move out day. 🙂 And this also gives me a good excuse to start trolling my favorite thrift stores too…

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