I Just Couldn’t Help Myself…

Well, I made it to January 2nd this year. I usually try to hold out until at least late February since we’re basically still in the dead of winter. But I don’t know what it is – some type of messed-up switch flips in my head when the calender rolls over, and I think to myself “spring is coming – must start seeds – must have seedlings ready for spring planting”. This is clearly flawed biological programming since spring is still entire months away, but nonetheless, the struggle exists within me.

I didn’t lose it as much as I have in past years and start seeding entire flats of tomatoes, peppers and bush beans. I decided to start simply this year, since it’s still all of thirty degrees on most days and will be for some time yet. I decided to start some herbs. I sowed three small pots, one each of basil, parsley and marjoram. They live on the counter next to the stove, where it’s warm, and are currently hovering under ziploc baggies for the necessary greenhouse effect they will soon learn to know and love.

The plastic baggies (which I seem to have a ridiculously hard time eradicating from my life…) remind me that I should really get a bell jar or two. Much more fetching on the counter then a whole bunch of plastic baggie covered pots.