One Seed Chicago 2011

For those of you not familiar, One Seed Chicago is a project organized each year by NeighborSpace, a community organization that encourages gardening. Each year, Chicagoans vote on their favorite seed, and the winner is distributed free to those who voted and/or request the seeds.

This year’s contenders are eggplant, radish and swiss chard. I plan to cast my vote for the swiss chard – we actually just discovered chard this past season at the farmers market and fell in love with the flavor and color.

To cast your vote, head over to the One Seed Chicago site!

One thought on “One Seed Chicago 2011

  1. Thanks for writing about One Seed Chicago and letting your readers know who you voted for. One thing we’re going to do this year is publish recipes from celebrity chefs in Chicago for each of the candidates and we’re encouraging bloggers to submit their own too. We hope that besides creating a new crop of gardeners, that we create some chefs and get people to sit down and share a meal with someone. The recipes start going up after the 8th.

    We also have a giveaway planned that we’ll announce tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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