Month of Sewing Sundays!

One of my goals for this year is to sew something new every week. I have alot of patterns I’d like to try out and things I’d like to make for the house, as well as the fact that I’d like to keep honing my skills so I can work my way up to advanced projects like clothing.

So I was thinking about that today and it occured to me – why not invite others to join in? This is how it works – at the beginning of each month, I’ll make a list of the projects I want to get through in the month. I’ll allot a week to work on each project, and it’s “due” every Sunday, where I’ll post here, as well as in the Apartment Farm Moss Project flickr group.

If you’d like to participate, do the same for yourself! Email me a jpeg of your project and I’ll post it into the MOSS page of the flickr group. This way we can all have a little fun encouraging each other and showing off our work. I’ll be designing a badge this week as well that you post to your blog if you’d like, to show that you’re a participant in the project.

Since 2011 was kind enough to start on a Sunday, it makes sense for everyone to start with the project next week. But I was so inspired and ready to jump in that got right to sewing when I got home today. Stay tuned momentarily!


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