2011 Goals

I feel a sudden and intense urge to get some things done and the best way for me to do that is to make them public and hold myself accountable for them out here. So, here goes…

– Finish putting together our wedding/honeymoon scrapbook. Various pages and components are sitting in boxes in our closets. Not exactly what I had in mind as a “showcase”.

– Sew a border on the bedroom curtains to lengthen them (they are woefully about eight inches short) and replace the crappy, half broken blinds behind them with wooden blinds (while I’m at it I want to replace all the blinds in the apartment with the nice wooden blinds).

– Upgrade the laundry sorter. We currently have an all-beat-to-hell mesh number that is beyond it’s last legs. I’d actually like to get a wooden bench style sorter, that holds two or three removeable canvas bags under the seat.

– Keep up with my MOSS Projects (I’ve got a lot on my list with sewing!).

– Sew a quilt.

– Replace the front hall closet door with a door that actually fits and closes.

– Build a few storage shelves into the back of the furnace closet for out of the way tool/household item storage.

Those are the big things. Okay, there. Now I’ve just got to do them all. 🙂