MOSS Project – January 9 Mini Ironing Board Cover

Our mini ironing board came into the house way back when my husband and I first moved in together; it actually belonged to him. We’re still using his original iron too. He had an ironing board because, responsible bachelor that he was, he always made sure he had crispy ironed dress shirts for work. As for me, I refused (and still do) to wear anything that requires ironing.

The ironing board was so ugly – it was a simple plywood affair with metal legs and an awful faux-denim print cover. I can’t tell you how many times I almost pitched it. But as it turns out, an ironing board is essential for professional-looking sewing projects. It’s needed a makeover for years. Today, I finally did it –

It’s a huge improvement on the old. It’s a bit hard to see in the photos, but the fabric is red/white ticking stripe. I just love ticking. It always looks good, no matter what. I created my own pattern by following the instructions in One Yard Wonders which is my favorite sewing book on the face of the planet.

My stitching isn’t one hundred percent pretty and I definiately need more practice tucking fabric around curves, but the pattern guidelines in the book are incredibily forgiving. I could’ve gotten the cover to lay a bit flatter on the board had I been more careful (or rather, more experienced) at tucking. But not bad for a first time. This was also the first project I’ve done that requires making a casing for cording and that was super easy – you just have to go slowly around those corners, so your fabric doesn’t bunch up horribily and get sewn into itself.

I was also pretty excited about this project because I found a remnant in my fabric trunk that was perfectly sized, so I only had to cut the rounded corners. And I reused the cord from the old cover in the new. All in a all, a pretty good project, and my sewing supplies are looking even spiffier now with a bright flash of color from the ticking stripe.


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